How effective is YouTube advertising?

Effective YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising; what is it, is it effective?

Logan Paul, PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye are just three of many YouTubers that not only got famous but have made money for making YouTube videos. We live in a very futuristic world and the internet rules all, and more than fifty percent of most humans time is spent on it. So with all this exposure, it is only obvious that advertisers and marketing companies would be attracted to YouTube. All the eyes that lay upon every video, from a social experiment to a tutorial, are potential customers. So it goes without saying that companies want to place ads all over YouTube.

All the viewers make it prime marketing, and Google has really made it much easier. In the past, an advertiser would have to go to a local television network or cable company to buy a slot for ad placement. Today, all they need to do is open a Google Ads account and follow the guidelines for inserting, or displaying, an ad. So this convenience makes it one of the top marketing techniques we have. This is because the world, as a whole, watches about one billion hours of YouTube videos every hour. That is equivalent to 5x the amount of time in all of human history. So as a whole we are streaming nearly one hundred thousand years worth of video in one day. This means that a large majority of people are streaming on YouTube.

YouTube has come a long way since it was started in 2005. If my opinion mattered, I would say that YouTube is a highly effective form of advertising. But I don’t need to because the evidence of traffic to the website is proof in itself. The creators make content that people watch. Advertisers pay to place their ads all over the website, from banner ads to in-stream ads. (We will get into that later). Then the consumers absorb all of it with their eye holes. Bringing them stimulation from all sorts of video content; informational, amusing, sports, etc. Then it cycles right back with more content being created, ads being placed, and consumers eating it up. This being the era of the internet is a beautiful time for advertisers.

Types of Ads

Well, now that I have illuminated on how effective YouTube ads can be, I want to talk more about the different types of ads that can be placed.

Overlay Ads: These are ads that appear at the bottom 20% of the video. Overlay ads will pop-up when a video starts streaming. These ads can be closed at any time, allowing the viewing to see both the video and your content. Overlay ads are great for quick exposure. These ads are only seen on a desktop. Overlay ads are wonderful because they show up during the video while the viewer’s eyes are focused. They are impossible to miss, and a great marketing technique.

Display Ads: These ads are also referred to as “banners”. These ads are located right above the suggested video box, top right corner of the screen. If a viewer is interested in what they see, they will click on the ad. Display ads are big and easily can catch the eye of any viewer. Having the ad up and in site throughout the entire time the viewer is on the page is great exposure. These ads are seen on both desktop and mobile device.

Sponsor Cards: In 2015 sponsor cards were created. These ads display content that is relevant to the video. For example, links to products that were featured in the video. Viewers will see the cards for a short period at the beginning of the video, then the viewer has an option to reopen the card slot and browse each card. These ads are available on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

Mid-roll Ads: Mid-roll ads are an effective YouTube advertising method. This YouTube advertising is available for videos with a minimum run length of fifteen minutes. They are exactly like how commercials work. During the proceeding video, it will cut off and the advertisement will play. When the ad is over the video resumes. This is a great way to have people view your products.

TrueView In-Stream Skippable Ads: These ads are an amazingly effective YouTube advertising method. These are great because after five seconds of playing the viewer has the option to skip the ad. You have to choice of having it play before, in the middle of, or after the main video. What is great about these ads is that they get so much exposure. In my opinion, I feel these are the best ads. Giving the viewer the option to skip gives you more real clicks rather than accidental clicks. The effectiveness will have you ecstatic about the product exposure.

Non-Skippable Video Ads: These are ads that appear before the main video. A commercial like ads that can be up to a thirty second run time. They are not allowed to be skipped and always appear right before the video starts. Advertisers have to pay with every view of these ads, in turn, the creator gets paid. These ads are excellent.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different types of ads that advertisers have to choose from. Some more effective than others. Nonetheless, they all get the job done. Being able to have these options is something of the future. Eliminating the need for advertisers to storm network agencies for ad slots, these internet ads through Google and YouTube have changed the game. After all, most people aren’t even watching cable anymore. Everything is streamed online. Mainly on YouTube, but other websites too; like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. The beauty of a technologically advanced society has dawned upon us to provide convenience and security to successful advertising and product exposure.