External cooperation

Recognizing the need for joint efforts across the entire semiconductor industry in dealing with global issues, such as responses to climate change, preservation of the environment, and conservation of natural resources, Samsung’s Device Solutions Business actively participates in various international cooperation activities.


World semiconductor council

The WSC has formed an ESH task force and encourages joint efforts to be made by the members to solve major ESH issues. The ESH task force holds two meetings a year, in February and September, respectively. It reports the results to joint steering technical committee (JSTC) and WSC, and obtains their approval. The ESH task force deals with Perfluorinated Compounds (PFC) reduction, environment preservation and compliance with regulations regarding chemical substances. Samsung Device Solutions Business has actively participated in the ESH task force activities from an early stage and does its utmost to achieve the industry’s common goals.


Korea semiconductor industry association

Key member companies of KSIA have set up the ESH committee to carry out various activities. The group discusses international environment issues discussed at the ESH task force of the WSC and makes joint responses to them, shares examples of ESH best practices and benchmarking, and provides a common voice for the industry on Korean environment regulations.


Semiconductor manufacturing technology

There is a growing need not just for productivity improvements in manufacturing processes, but also for R&D to solve ESH issues related to processes and products. To this end, through SEMATECH, global semiconductor manufacturers set short-term, mid-term, and long-term tasks and conduct joint studies and benchmarks with each other. The Device Solutions Business of Samsung Electronics participates in the research consortium to solve its ESH-related problems and propose innovative ESH technology tasks, thereby contributing to ESH performance and growth of the semiconductor industry.

SEMI Korea

The support and cooperation of chemical substance manufacturers and pollution prevention equipment companies are also required to reduce energy consumption, minimize hazardous materials in products, and reduce pollutant emissions. For this reason, SEMI Korea has set up the EHS committee to create a shared platform where semiconductor manufacturers and raw material suppliers can cooperate with each other. Samsung Electronics, a founding member of the committee, will carry out various activities with its suppliers.