Safety management

To establish a safe workplace, the Device Solutions Business of Samsung Electronics is taking every precaution to prevent safety incidents at all times, including the operation of an onsite fire department and environment & safety experience center, and the implementation of safety management for the facilities and partners. Moreover, the Device Solutions Business continuously strives to raise awareness of the safety first movement through various activities, including safety newsletters and campaigns, in order to increase safety consciousness among employees and help to prevent accidents.

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Emergency response

Device Solutions Business of Samsung Electronics has firefighter teams at Giheung and Hwaseong complexes for first response in emergencies. The teams are equipped with aerial ladder trucks, chemical fire trucks, multi-purpose rescue vehicles, ambulances, emergency waste-liquid recovery vehicles, and other firefighting vehicles and life-saving equipment.

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Operating the environment & Safety experience center

The Device Solutions Business of Samsung Electronics operates the environment & safety experience center to increase safety consciousness among employees and local residents. Since the establishment of the indoor environment & safety experience center in 2014, the Device Solutions Business has further added an outdoor experience center in 2016, helping around 27,000 visitors complete the field experience training course since 2014.

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Safety first movement

The Device Solutions Business provides participation-oriented activities, including campaigns, and Health & Safety Week contest, safety newsletters in order to settle safety culture and increase safety consciousness. In 2019, The first EHS Innovation Day event Day event was held to enhance the EHS capabilities of each business. The Device Solutions Business also provides seminars and special education featuring external experts so that all management can recognize the importance of the safety.

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Total safety improvement program(TSIP) for partners

At Samsung, we are fostering co-prosperity by raising the level of our partners‘ environmental safety through TSIP (Total safety improvement program).

Primary activities include safety awareness communications with resident partners, providing assistance for establishment of voluntary safety management systems and providing professional training for environmental safety personnel. Samsung also provides environmental safety consulting and support measures to our partners.

Samsung Semiconductor Safety Management, Total Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) for Partners

Create a culture of harmony by helping our partners to elevate their safety standards via TSIP [Total safety improvement program]

? Operation of call center for regulations and standards
? Publication of health & safety magazine
? Partner safety day to promote safety culture
? Support awareness communication training on each level
? Technical support for environmental safety management-
???KOSHA 18001, hazard assessment
? Real-time compliance registration & monitoring system

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Safety awareness communi-cation

Every year, Samsung provides technical support sessions for partners to strengthen environmental safety measures and hosts awareness programs with the participation of partner CEOs and stakeholders. Quarterly health & safety council meetings for partner CEOs provide an opportunity for active discussions on making a s and cooperation in creating a safe workplace.

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Supporting the establishment of a voluntary safety management system (KOSHA 18001)