SSD specifically engineered for data centers

Samsung's datacenter SSD allows data center architects to achieve reliable, high storage capacity that delivers on performance.



- Top solution for diverse applications

PM9A3 offers tremendous performance for Read-Intensive data centers by applying PCIe Gen 4, achieving 1000K IOPS in Random Read and 6800 MB/s in sequential read speed. Using impressively low power in small form factors (E1.S, U.2, M.2), PM9A3 delivers an efficient SSD solution for mixed data workloads.

Samsung Semiconductor Datacenter SSD, Top Solution for Diverse Applications, PM9A3


- Best solution for heavy demands

PM883 offers capacity of the competition while handling heavy mixed workloads with reduced latency. PM883 has various capacity up to 7.68 TB, faster sequential read speed, 550MB/s, and less TCO compared with conventional HDDs. This is suitable for various servers, including web, streaming, application and cache servers.

Samsung Semiconductor Enterprise SSD, Best Solution For Heavy Demands, PM883


- Enhanced reliability, better performance

SM883 delivers enhanced reliability at 3 DWPD from MLC NAND technology. It also has various capacity, 240 GB to 3.84 TB. With sequential write speed up to 520 MB/s and random write speed up to 29K IOPS, it enables faster work in the data center.

 Samsung Semiconductor Datacenter SSD, Enhanced reliability, better performance, SM883


- Reasonable solution for datacenter

PM882 uses SATA 6Gb/s interface. It delivers 550MB/s for sequential read and 520MB/s for sequential write speed under up to 3.6W power. PM882 has a reasonable price and efficient performance.

Samsung Semiconductor Datacenter SSD, Reasonable solution for datacenter, PM882

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