Our Principles

Samsung is proud to affirm its commitment to the responsible recycling of electronic waste. We restrict exports of hazardous materials to developing locations, consistent with the Basel Agreement and BAN Amendment.

Samsung is a strong supporter of producer responsibility. Samsung promotes the responsible and convenient recycling of e-waste and publicly supports requirements that would ban the export of unprocessed e-waste to developing locations, consistent with e-Stewards guidelines and Samsung policy. Products and parts that cannot be refurbished are processed into raw material commodities, in such a way that material can be used again for production of a variety of new products.

Convenient Collection

Our goal is to make recycling as easy as product purchases. Samsung supports approximately 500 drop off locations and recycling events for e-waste across the entire US, accepting any brand of covered consumer electronic products. We continue to work with our recycling partners to expand our collection network across the US make it even easier for consumers.

Responsible Recycling

As an e-Stewards Enterprise Partner, Samsung was the first manufacturer to embrace the e-Stewards standard. The e-Stewards standard is the most comprehensive industry-recognized standard to control proper management of e-waste and downstream material channel flow. The e-Stewards Standard is the highest standard for globally responsible electronics recycling and reuse. It prohibits the export of hazardous electronic waste from developed to developing locations while allowing viable technology to be reused. Certified e-Stewards recyclers are independently audited to assure conformity to the e-Stewards Standard, including downstream accountability for toxic materials to final disposition. All of Samsung’s recycling partners are currently or are committed to becoming certified e-Stewards recyclers.