Photos from the Field

Explore real photos from real people, captured #withGalaxy.

Dark, chilly nights. White, snowy mornings. Capture the beauty of winter with Black and White Mode. The Galaxy photography setting brings out the best of the season by amping up contrast, texture, and emotion. Get inspired by photos from the Samsung photographers below, then share your own using #withGalaxy.

photos-from-the-field photos-from-the-field
Daniel Daniel
Photo by

Lose the distraction of color and see what you gain. We love the shadows and highlights that make up this super intense look.

Photo by Howard Photo by Howard
Photo by Howard Photo by Howard
Photo by

No need to look closer. The grains in each panel of wood pop, thanks to the Black and White capture.

Photo by Vatsal Photo by Vatsal
Photo by

Black and White Mode brings out the rich textures of dirt, stone, and grass—all of which build on each other to create a stunning composition.

Photo by Jack Photo by Jack
Photo by

The softness of the sky contrasts the hard cement building, making the aircraft look like it’s as light as a feather.

Photo by Sara Photo by Sara
Photo by

The lack of color creates a heavy negative space surrounding the door, making it feel like you’re looking through a keyhole into the past.

Photo by Irshaad Photo by Irshaad
Photo by

Black and White Mode exaggerates the moodiness of the fog and full moon, leaving us with all the feels.

Share yours #withGalaxy

Now it’s your turn. When the light dims or the snow melts, switch your Samsung Galaxy camera to Black and White Mode. Share the pics and tag them using #withGalaxy for the chance to be featured on our Instagram or in upcoming articles.

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