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Samsung.com Trade-In FAQs

Ready to trade in your old device? Learn how to prepare your old device for return by properly resetting and removing sensitive information. You'll also find answers to common questions about the trade-in process below.

1.?? General Information

? What is the Samsung Trade-In Program?

The Samsung Trade-In Program allows customers to trade in an eligible device and receive an instant trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new qualifying Galaxy device.?

The instant trade-in credit for trading in a smartphone or a tablet applies only to New Samsung Devices. View the?Samsung Trade-In Program Terms and Conditions?for more information.

? What requirements does my device have to meet in order for me to receive the trade-in value?

Your trade-in device must meet the following eligibility requirements:

????a) Your device must power on, hold a charge, and not power off unexpectedly;

????b) Your device must have a functioning display with no black spots or pixilation of any kind;

????c) Your device must have no breaks, cracks, or other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear, including but not limited to:
?????Multiple scratches, dents, or dings;?
?????Water damage; or;?
?????Corroded charging port, SIM, or battery terminal contacts.?

If a Cracked Screen Offer applies, your device may have a cracked front screen, but all other conditions apply;?

????d) Your device must not be on a banned list of any kind;

????e) At the time of trade-in, you must be the owner of the device. Leased devices are not eligible.

????f) Reactivation Lock, Google Factory Reset Protection, or any other anti-theft locking software must be disabled on your device;

????g) Before sending your device to Samsung, you must perform a factory reset on it and remove all personal information.

????h) Your device must be labeled with an FCC ID to show that it is certified for use in the United States under applicable FCC regulations.

The FCC ID number can usually be found printed somewhere on the mobile device. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the battery pack to find the number. The FCC ID number can also be found in the user manual for each device.

? What if Samsung determines that my device does not meet the minimum conditions or that my device is not an eligible device model for this promotion?

Samsung will evaluate your device when we receive it, and if we determine that it does not meet the conditions described above, or if it is a device that is not eligible for trade-in under this promotion, then Samsung will value it at $0.?

If Samsung determines the device does not meet the minimum conditions, you will have seven days to request your device to be sent back to the original shipping address on file, free of charge, by visiting the?My Orders?page.?

? What is a Cracked Screen Offer?

Occasionally, Samsung will accept trade-in eligible devices with cracked screens at a reduced value. The device must still turn on and be factory reset in order to be eligible.?

? What device models can I currently trade in?

Click Here for smartphone, smartwatches and tablet models that currently qualify for trade-in. The types of devices eligible for trade-in may be updated at any time by Samsung.?

? The device I’m trading in is the one I currently use. Can I still trade it in?

Yes! When you complete your order, Samsung will ship you your new Galaxy device, so that you can activate it and transfer your photos, contacts, and other data before you ship your current device back to us.

You can transfer your information from the old device to your new one with Samsung Smart Switch, Samsung Cloud, a data cable, or any of the other methods described in the documentation that accompanies your new device.?Please note that you have 15 days from the date you receive your new device to ship your old device to Samsung or your original payment method will be charged for the trade-in credit amount.

? The device I’m trading in is one that I bought using an equal payment or other financing plan, and I still have payments left on it. Can I still trade it in?

Yes – however, please note that all remaining payments on the device you’re trading in are your responsibility. You may also be subject to additional fees. Check with your current carrier for details.

? I lease my device. Can I trade it in?

No – leased devices are not eligible for this Trade-In Promotion unless you purchase the leased device from your carrier before trading it in. Check with your carrier for details.

2. Trading in Your Device

? Do I need to remove all of the personal information on my trade-in device before I send it?

Yes. Before you send your trade-in device, please remove all personal information and save all data you want to keep in a different storage location, then remove security locks by performing a factory reset.

Before resetting your device, ensure that you log out of your Samsung, Google, and iCloud storage accounts. Failure to remove all software locks and personal data prevents us from accepting your device, and we want your trade-in to be successful.

? Do I need to remove SIM and memory cards from my trade-in device before I send it?

Yes, be sure that you remove all SIM cards and memory cards before shipping the device to Samsung. If you ship these items with your device, we cannot return them.

Please note that Samsung assumes no responsibility for any personal information you leave on your device when you ship it back to Samsung as a trade-in.

? How do I remove all of the personal information on my device before I trade it in?

Refer to the user manual or the Samsung support page about how to do a factory reset on your current device, prior to shipping it back to Samsung. In addition, make sure that you remove all passwords, locks and personal cloud backup and restore accounts, SIM and memory cards before sending the device to Samsung. If these items are sent with your device, they will not be returned.

Please note that Samsung assumes no responsibility for any personal information you leave on your device when you ship it back to Samsung as a trade in.

? How do I factory reset an Android phone?

First, log out of your Google account. Open the Settings app on your Android phone and locate the System menu. Tap the Advanced button and select Reset Options (in some cases, Reset Options may be available without having to tap Advanced Options). Tap Reset phone and enter your PIN, unlock pattern, or password to confirm you want to erase everything on your phone. Tap “Erase everything” and allow the phone to complete the reset. When the phone restarts, it will be ready to send as a trade-in.

? How do I factory reset an iPhone?

First, log out of your iCloud/Find My iPhone. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and locate the General menu. Tap General and scroll down to find the Reset item, tap it. You will see several options to reset all or part of the data on your phone, select Erase All Content and Settings. If you have not backed up your phone, please select Backup Then Erase; if you already backed up your personal information, choose Erase Now. When the phone restarts, it will be ready to send as a trade-in.

? When I ship back to Samsung the device I’m trading in, should I send the charger, case, or other accessories with the device?

No – you should ship only the device, including S-Pen for Galaxy phones, to Samsung, and if you no longer need them, discard the other accessories following your local trash and recycling regulations. Trade-in value is available only for the device. If you do ship accessories back with the device, we will not return those accessories.

? How should I pack my trade-in device for shipment?

Send your old device to Samsung in either the shipping box your new product arrived in or a box appropriate to the size of the device you are trading in. Place the device in the center of the box, cushioning the device on all sides.

To protect your device during shipment, wrap it with plenty of padding material such as recycled or reused packaging paper, bubble wrap, or packaging foam.

Seal all open edges of the box with packing tape. Be sure to cover or remove previously used shipping labels from the box. Attach the shipping label to the outside of the box, taping all four sides of the label with clear packing tape.

? What if I lost or threw out the free trade-in shipping label?

If you lost or discarded the shipping label, log in to your Samsung Account and reprint the label, which is available on the?My Orders?page. If you require additional assistance, please visit?Customer Support.

? What if I don’t have a printer to create my shipping label?

No worries, you can have your label printed by FedEx. Save a copy of your pre-paid shipping label on your phone, tablet or laptop and take it to the FedEx Ship Center.

? Can I send my trade-in using a different shipper than FedEx?

Yes, you can send your trade-in device by U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or another shipping method, but you will be responsible for the shipping fees. Please note: you must include the bottom half of the pre-paid shipping label we sent you in the package to help us track your order accurately.

? Can I trade in more than one device with the shipping label that was sent to me for my trade in?

No – “one device, one box” is the rule. We cannot offer a trade-in value for anything other than the one trade-in device you agreed to send when placing the order.

You should only ship one device per trade-in label. You will receive a separate label for each trade-in order.

If you placed more than one trade-in order, please log in to your Samsung account and print the label for each from the?My Orders?page.

? What happens to my device once I send it back to Samsung?

You will receive an email from Samsung when your device is received and a summary of the device condition approximately five business days later. As long as the device meets the criteria for acceptance, you do not need to do anything else.

? What if I change my mind about the trade-in before I ship it to Samsung?

If you decide after you make your purchase that you do not want to trade in your old device, keep it, and we will charge your payment account for the trade-in credit applied to your new phone purchase.

Approximately 15 days after the date you receive your new device, we will charge you for the full retail price of the Galaxy device you purchased. We will charge the same payment method as your initial order. If you do not have sufficient credit available on the account you used when you placed your order, Samsung will contact you. You must provide an alternate payment method.

? What happens if I send my trade-in and return the new device?

We’re sure you’ll love your new Galaxy Smartphone or tablet, but our standard?Return Policy?applies — just in case. If you received a free promotional gift with your new phone, you must return the gift as well as the phone to receive credit for your return and a full refund.

In the case of purchases made at a Samsung Galaxy Studio, you must return the Galaxy device purchased as part of this Trade-In Program within 30 days to the store from where it was purchased. Please review the terms of our Return Policy.

Please note that if you return your New Samsung Device after you send your old device, you will not receive any refund or other value for the Trade-In Device credit deducted from the purchase price of your New Samsung Device.

3. Trade-in Return

? My device did not qualify for the trade-in, can Samsung send in my trade in device to be returned back to me?

Yes, since the trade in device did not meet the criteria needed, you have the option to send it back to the originally shopping address on file by visiting the?My Orders page to request your device be returned. The full instant discount applied at checkout will be charged to the same payment account used for your new phone purchase.

? My device qualified for the trade-in, but I would like to get it back if possible. Can I get my device back?

No, when you ship your old device to us, and it passes our trade-in review, you transfer ownership to Samsung. We cannot return any trade-in device accepted by the program.

? Can I get my trade-in device back if I decide to return my new Samsung device?

No – please keep in mind that if you return your New Samsung Device after you send a trade-in device, you will not receive any refund or other value.?

? Will I still get any trade-in value if I request to get my old trade-in device back?

No – the instant trade-in credit provided at checkout is a payment to you for your old device. After returning your trade-in to you, Samsung will charge your payment account for the full trade-in value received during your purchase.

? How will I track the trade-in device that is being sent back to me?

Samsung will send you an email with a tracking number for the ground return shipment three to five business days after hand-off to our shipping partner.

? What if I have other questions?

We’re here to help! If you require additional assistance, please visit?Samsung Customer Service.?We’ll be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have.? ?

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